Grayscale Detector


This product is mainly for intelligent logistics sorting system , which is used to identify parcels of various shapes and colors. And the output information is about the size and position of the parcels.
In order to unload the parcels more accurately by cross-belt sy stem, improve the sorting accuracy rate and avoid the collision of the parcels when loading to the cross-belt (loading to the carrier that has not unloaded the parcel) and improve the parcel feeding eff iciency, a machine vision-based logistics parcel inspection system is introduced.
The system can detect if there is a parcel on the cross-belt ca rrier, and if yes, the location and size of the parcel can be provided to the sorting system.


System composition:


  • Image acquisition and processing hardware circuit system
  • Near-infrared LED light source system
  • A mechanical system that supports the imaging system, the light source system, and acts as a heat sink and various electromagnetic shields.
  • Power and user information interactive interface system


Host processor
Intel(R) Atom(TM) x5-Z8350 CPU @1.44GHz
Hard disk
100M Ethernet
3 way inputs, 2 way outputs, all using optocoupler isolation
1 way
Acquisition mode
Support external trigger, soft trigger, continuous acquisition; support delayed trigger, debounce
Algorithm processing time
within 150 ms
Misjudgment rate
Operating temperature 0~50℃;Storage temperature -30~70℃;Humidity 20%~80%;No condensation

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